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Creativity, opportunity, fun. We’ve just told you the three magic words that make working at Viacom18 feel like an all-day party. Not so much a job, as a life many would kill for. A promising career that encourages you to take bold leaps.

We are a  great  place to work

Great Place to Work at Viacom18
  • Leadership Development
  • Rewards
  • Long Service Recognition
  • Employee Engagement Survey
  • Parties and fun
  • Tournaments
  • Friday Chills
  • Greed Guide
  • Physical Care
  • Occupational Care
  • Emotional Care
  • Spiritual Care
  • Intellectual Care
  • social care
It's L for Leadership at Viacom18. Entry-level Programs for graduate and creative trainees. Structured Leadership Development Programs for individuals across the levels.
Through our various leadership development initiatives, we nurture leaders at every level. Turning them into the greatest global media professionals in the creative and business domain.
Challenges, tools, skills... our leadership programs are absolutely in sync with the best practices across the globe. They test your mettle. They train you in problem solving.

Viacom18. One great place where merit is king and talent rules. Our unique Rewards Program attracts, engages and retains the finest talent in the industry.

We celebrate excellence by offering a host of benefits in the Viacom18 Rewards Programme:

  • A transparent, merit-based rewards system directly linked to performance and contribution
  • A competitive compensation package higher than industry standards
  • A comprehensive benefit plan with best-in-class insurance coverage
  • A flexible and customizable pay structure with an option to subscribe for National Pension System
  • A promising career path and with a well-defined line of progression

Furniture. That's what we call the loyal folks. The ones who have stood by us through years of dramatic twists and turns. The ones whose commitment will not be shaken. After all, how often do you find such rarities in this blink-and-you'll-miss-it industry

Our Furniture Awards - or long service awards - recognize and honour these long standing relationships of five and ten years.

And the memento these employees get with the monetary reward, is just as special. A mini wooden chair. Creaking out loud that they're here to stay.

Heard the one about the signal that says, 'Don't look, I'm changing'? We're a bit like that. We keep changing too, getting better all the time. To keep our employees happy.

To create the work environment they expect, we conduct Employee Engagement Surveys to hear employees' voices across the demographics and functions.

To know what they like about working at Viacom18. What drives them. What they'd like us to improve upon. And voila! Action Plan teams are soon created and implemented at BU levels.

Life is one big bash at Viacom18. Every task ends with a party. And often, the party itself is the project. Want to pull a prank on your seniors? Just the place. Want to smash a birthday cake affectionately, on a colleague's face? That's our kind of celebration.

Promotions, awards, events, completion of a project or simply announcing one - so many excuses to let our hair down everyday.

It's all about fun, camaraderie and casual interactions. Making buddies at work. And then there's Townhall - our moment of pride. One formal occasion when every employee present in the building joins in for a round of applause.

An annual football tournament. A cricket challenge every year. IPL screenings with drinks and snacks. Sounds like your favourite sports bar?

It all happens right here at Viacom18. All the sports events that our employees love. Howzatt?

Fun shouldn't be reserved for an annual party. The last Friday of every month is a good enough excuse. So this is how it goes: Yummy finger food - Drinks - Games - Music - Repeat.

Once every month, the Viacom18 terrace becomes just the place to catch that top-of-the-world feeling.

A dating allowance, break up gift, a tattoo or pet allowance... You get the drift. Out of the ordinary perks, benefits and facilities are up for grabs for all at Viacom18. And that's what the Viacom18 Employee Benefit Manual (affectionately called the Greed Guide) really is.

Our way to appreciate employees for battling hectic schedules and 24x7 action. Our way to make them feel special. And valued. And cared for.

With benefits like flexi-timings. With the concierge service, fitness and recreation facilities, and of course all the celebrations. So go on, get greedier everyday.

Taking care of the body is a powerful first step towards mental and emotional wellness. Clearly, the mind and body are closely linked. When you improve your physical health, mental and emotional well-being ensue.

Viacom18 provides employees with a multitude of activities that they can choose from at work as well as outside the office premises to improve overall physical wellbeing. Kick boxing & Yoga classes, an in-house Nutritionist, a visiting Physician as well as spine specialist - are just some of the health and lifestyle facilities offered in-house.

Our comprehensive, best-in-class Mediclaim Policy just completes the fence against health woes we hope to build around our employees.

While our superstars are hard at work, we ensure they also realize the value of time spent in health practices. Occupational Care is a comprehensive and integrated approach to health that focuses on a broad range of health issues - physical and psycho-social, environmental, personal, etc. through programs, policies and practices.

Occupational Health & Safety (Programs on preventive care), Healthy Choices (Programs on Stress Management) and Organizational Health (Programs which promote healthy habits at work) comprise the broad range of awareness tools we employ under Occupational Care.

"Crazy" might be how we define ourselves at Viacom18 - but even in our chaotic schedules, people are in control of their emotions. They handle life's challenges, build strong relationships, and spring back from setbacks with élan.

Just as it takes some doing to build or maintain physical health, mental and emotional health are no different. We make improving emotional health a rewarding experience, benefiting all aspects of our employees' lives, including lifting moods, building resilience, and adding overall enjoyment.

We at Viacom18 present options to relax, rejuvenate and refresh themselves on a platter. These optionsvary from various leave categories (Sick, Bereavement) to an in-house counsellor, Employee Assistance Programs, etc.

Spiritual wellbeing is all about inner peace and the mind's relationship with the world. Each person's spirituality is greatly impacted by the community with which they identify and their relationships. To be spiritually well translates into positive engagement with others, the self as well as the environment.

Our employees enjoy substantial Annual Leave, opportunities to manage work life balance, Yoga at work, as well as an In House Counsellor to maintain this inner equilibrium.

Intelligence is the common denominator that runs across every Viacom18 employee's DNA. And we evolve enriching ways to improve their intellect. We exercise their grey matter just as muscles need to be kept toned.

We believe that the most important thing one person can offer another-beyond social and emotional support-is the opportunity for intellectual growth.

Whether Meditation sessions or our Back to School programmes, we ensure that the average Viacom18 personality is truly, above average.

Protection, and provision - two elements that shape the future of the organization's culture. Our Social Care category protects our people, to promote physical as well as mental health; independence and social inclusion, improve opportunities and life chances, and to strengthen family ties.

The entire family at Viacom18 enjoys Social care in the form of Group Mediclaim Policy, Annual Health Check-up, Day Care Allowances, etc.

employee engagement

We run a series of innovative campaigns that capture the imagination of youth and keep them engaged. Viacom18 prides itself not only on its disruptive and differentiated content, but also its progressive people practices.
Employee Engagement - Viacom18

The Employee Engagement Survey is a survey aimed at keeping the employees happy by asking their opinion about company policies and the way forward. The survey helps the organization understand the employees' voices across demographics and functions.

Once a quarter, the CEO shares updates on company performance and people initiatives and addresses employee questions. In addition to the Viacom18 Town Hall, Channels/Business Units also hold their respective unit Town Halls where the entire team gets together to discuss updates of each function and celebrate business and people achievements. For e.g., Nickelodeon organizes a quarterly ‘Nick All Hands’ meet and Viacom18 Motion Pictures conducts a similar ‘Big Huddle’ town hall for their team.

Townhall - Viacom18

Viacommunity day is a special day for Viacom18 employees who support the organisation’s commitment to give back. This is a unique employee engagement programme that involves the employees in the company's CSR initiatives. Employees are engaged in office and at various locations – NGOs, Shelters, On-ground activities, where they come together to do their bit and make a difference.

Viacommunity Day - Viacom18
WAVE (Women at Viacom18) is an industry-first initiative to encourage diversity within the organisation. It is a women-friendly work-linked benefits program including the increase in paid maternity leave to 36 weeks or nine months, as well as, providing additional benefits. WAVE is for new and expectant mothers in Viacom18, as well as has various initiatives focusing on the overall safety, wellness and career development of female employees of the company. WAVE has been introduced with the aim of cultivating a culture of encouraging women to grow as professionals and taking on more leadership roles. With additional benefits that include post maternity leave, check-up leaves, paternity leave, an upcoming day-care centre, Viacom18 is on its way to ensuring that women at Viacom18 are not only provided the best career opportunities, but are also well cared for. Some of the highlights of the WAVE program include the following things.
36 weeks of maternity leave (also applicable in case of adoption)
30 days of paternity leave (also applicable in case of adoption)
Leaves for medical check-ups during pregnancy
Flexible working option for 12 weeks post maternity leave
Day care facility/allowances
Night Travel between 10 PM to 6 AM
Health camps for women in office on a periodic basis
Our internal innovation platform where our employees collaborate and solve business problems for the organisation in the form of a challenge. Through Big Belly we have been able to curate several business solutions through the collaborative efforts of our employees.
Innovation is in our DNA at Viacom18, and we don’t give up any opportunity to learn from others and ourselves. Through Innovation Week we encourage the culture of innovation in our organization by having speakers from well-known startups, gamechangers across various industries and even our leaders who have taken pathbreaking strides in their businesses.


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