Celebrate Mother’s Day with Comedy Central’s special line up
07 May, 2015

This Mother’s Day, let’s make Mom’s feel treasured with the special programming of Comedy Central

Gear up for a treat as Comedy Central will be celebrating Mother’s Day through the exciting show “Playing House”.

Mother’s Day is a time of celebration for mothers across the world. It is a perfect occasion to acknowledge your mother’s place in your heart and life. It is one relationship which always stays with us for a lifetime. People show their appreciation and love towards their mother worldwide.

Join Comedy Central in appreciating every mother’s effort and saluting the essence of motherhood by watching the entire Season 1 of the show “Playing House”. Playing House is about two best friends Maggie and Emma. It revolves around Emma leaving her successful business in China to return to their hometown of Pinebook when Maggie discovers that her husband was cheating on her. Emma helps Maggie raise her new born baby. The show will be the part of the stunt on 10th May from 11AM to 4PM only on Comedy Central.

So tune in to Comedy Central on 10th May to celebrate Mother’s Day and beat the heat with around-the-clock humour!